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Why does ESADE participate in 4YFN? It’s in our DNA

Where education meets innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship are an essential part of who we are; they’re in our DNA. All our programmes provide training and specific resources to foment our students’ innovative and creative spirit. ESADE participates in 4YFN (Four Years from Now), the Mobile World Congress startup fair, to take this training to the next level and share our know-how with others beyond our classrooms. At 4YFN, we do our part as the fair’s academic partner, offering in-situ sessions dedicated to fundamental issues for the future of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Programme 2019

Monday, 25th February

9.15h - 11.45h
“Artificial Intelligence”
Master in Business Analytics. (MIBA)
Prof. Marc Torrens (ESADE)
Diego Villuendas (Head of Data & Analytics at SEAT)


12.00h - 12.45h
“The Art and Science of Growing ventures”
Roundtable with entrepreneurs moderated by Prof. Jan Brinckmann (ESADE)


12:00h - 13:00h
“Autonomous driving show”
SEAT Stand
With Alexander Siebeneich
(Industrial Director at CARNET) and ESADE students.


12.45h - 13.30h
“For those about to rock datadriven innovation: what can we learn from music Industry?”
Roundtable with:
• Laia Pujol, ESADE Researcher
• Turo Pekari, Teosto Future Lab
• David Osimo, Research Director Lisbon Council
• Yvan Boudillet, Founder at TheLynk


13.30h - 14.15h
“Industry 4.0”.
Roundtable organized by MBA Entrepreneurship Club and E3
• Moritz Engler (MIE’15) CEO at Inflight Virtual Reality
• Jan Carbonell (TheAcademy.AI)
• Moderated by Prof. Oscar Torres (ESADE)


14.30h - 17.00h
“Artificial Intelligence”
Master in Business Analytics. (MIBA)
Prof. Marc Torrens (ESADE)
Diego Villuendas (Head of Data & Analytics at SEAT)


15:00h - 15:45h
“The digital mobility: is multimodality a real thing? Who takes the cake?”

Garden Stage
Javier Rivera, Corp Strategy SEAT
Paulin Dementhon, Founder and
CEO Drivy
Mar Pallàs, VP Europe Market
Development Scoot
Moderated by Prof. Jonathan
Wareham (ESADE)


17.00h - 20.00h
"Programación Avanzada de Web Apps"

Bachelor in Business Administration
Prof. Jordi Tardà (ESADE)

Tuesday, 26th February

“Digital Transformation of the world”

Prof. Alberto Gimeno and Josep Ruano (ESADE).


12.00h - 14.00h
“Reinventing Education. Reinventing ESADE after 60 years of history”

Ben Nelson. CEO Minerva.
Mark Vernooij. Partner at THNK School of Creative Leadership
Koldo Echebarria. Director General ESADE
Moderated by Ivan Bofarull. Director of Global Insights & Strategic Initiatives at ESADE


14.00h - 16.00h
“The future of management in the AI age”

ESADE Alumni Top Management Network
Prof. Xavier Ferràs. (ESADE)


16.00h - 17.00h
“Growing Data-Born companies”

Round table with Philippe Gelis (CEO, Kantox)
Josep María Porra (Business Performance Director, King)
Alessandro Pregnolato (Data Science Lead, Typeform).
Moderated by Prof. Manu Carricano (ESADE)


“Digital Transformation”

SEAT stand
Prof. Xavier Ferràs (ESADE)
Arantxa Alonso (Executive Managing Director at XMOBA).
Moderated by Oliwia Puppel (Head of Talent Acquisition at SEAT)

18.00h - 19.00h
El jurista tras la Inteligencia Artificial: ¿Quién crea, a quién beneficia y a quién perjudica?

Master IT + IP ESADE Law School.
Prof. Mario Sol (ESADE Law School)

Wednesday, 27th February

9.15h - 11.00h
“Visualización de información de negocio”

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Prof. JL. Cano (ESADE)


“Refocusing Education”

4YFN EdTech Track
Ben Nelson, CEO of Minerva
Moderator: Ivan Bofarull (ESADE)


11.00h - 12.00h
“Innovation & Creativity: Developing New Products through Design Thinking”

Prof. Ivanka Visnjic (ESADE)


“How to shape the future of our Digital Society”

Prof. Marc Torrens (ESADE)


12.00h - 13.00h
“Future Talent for the new Digital World”

Marc Sanz (BBA’11) Head of Education (Sth Europe). Google
Vignesh Anand: Head of Partner Operations, Glovo
Daniel Martos: Recruiter, Travelperk
Oriol Saludes: COO, Kemiex
Moderator: Marc Rovira (MIE’14). Founder, Polaroo
Organized by ESADE Careers


13.00h - 14.00h
“The Automotive Digital Factory of the Future”

Prof. Xavier Pujol (ESADE)
Francisco Requena (Head of Innovation & Smart Factory at SEAT)


14.00h - 15.00h
“Innovation & Creativity: Developing New Products through Design Thinking”

Prof. Ivanka Visnjic (ESADE)


“Natural Language Understanding”

Agora stage
Stephen Mallik, CEO of Artie
Maria Perillo, Chief Learning Officer at ABA English
Moderated by Prof Luis Vives (ESADE)


16.00h - 19.00h
“Innovation in Marketing. Creativity, New Products and Design”

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Profs Isa Moll and Jordi Montaña (ESADE)

A 3-day immersive experience in a unique innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

Discover the #ESADEat4YFN experience through our students: Three days of sessions focused on key issues and in which our students have the chance to immerse themselves in one of the worlds’ most important startup ecosystems, meet entrepreneurs and investors, contact
different startups and learn about future trends.

#Networking #Learning #Future

Barcelona, 6 February 2019

ESADE consolidates its position as an official academic collaborator of 4 Years From Now

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Barcelona, 6 February 2019

ESADE consolidates its position as an official academic collaborator of 4 Years From Now

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Barcelona, 27 February 2018

Núria Agell (ESADE), at 4YFN-MWC: “Robots won’t replace teachers, but they will become teachers’ assistants”

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Barcelona, 26 February 2018

ESADE brings its campus to 4YFN to share knowledge about robotics, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship

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Barcelona, 14 February 2018

ESADE is official academic partner for ‘4 Years From Now’ at the Mobile World Congress

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Barcelona, 1 February 2017

ESADE takes its campus to the 2017 Mobile World Congress

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“ESADE is known for entrepreneurship and 4YFN is the perfect ecosystem to make ESADE even more popular and bring start-ups even closer.”

Christophe Theis

Full-Time MBA - 2019

“Having the opportunity to be close to people who know so much about innovation and entrepreneurship is an opportunity that we just can’t miss.”

Regine Sandra Dacay

Bachelor in Business Administration - 2020

“I think it is great for ESADE students to be here. We can interact and connect with all the companies and entrepreneurs that are walking around – and understand what it is like to be part of the ecosystem.”

Ruben Jan Van De Water

MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - 2018

“I expect from the 4YFN experience the chance to do some networking, learn new things, and see where the world is going four years from now.”

Claudi Sánchez

Executive Master in Digital Business - 2018

“At 4YFN I can see what the ecosystem is like and meet some start-ups, investors, and companies.”

Jordi Llòria

Bachelor in Business Administration - 2018

“ESADE is famous for entrepreneurship and innovation, so I think it is a good opportunity for students to be connected at 4YFN.”

Feifei Chen

Full-Time MBA - 2018

“Bringing the classroom inside the environment of company networks, instead of bringing companies to us in the classroom, brings a whole new dimension to our learning.”

Linda Ferstl

Executive MBA - 2017