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ESADE and Banc Sabadell renew their agreement to promote research in economics and finance

The new agreement strengthens the relationship between the two institutions, which was first established in 2010 to promote projects such as the Economic and Financial Report and the Group for Research in Economics and Finance (GREF)

ESADE and Banc Sabadell have renewed their collaboration agreement, which dates back to 2010, with the aim of promoting research and the development of knowledge in the fields of economics and finance. The new agreement further strengthens ESADE and Banc Sabadell’s partnership in the development of the Group for Research in Economics and Finance (GREF), which studies macroeconomics, corporate finance, risk management, capital markets and other subjects.

This agreement extends Banc Sabadell’s commitment to developing the Economic and Financial Report, a high-profile publication written by ESADE scholars that analyses the trends of the national and international economy and also includes sections featuring topics of debate, in-depth articles and book reviews. The report is a key tool for spreading knowledge and generating social debate.

At the signing ceremony, Eugenia Bieto, Director General of ESADE, commented: “Banc Sabadell’s support is key for ESADE and it helps us keep the school at the forefront of debate in the management, legal and social sciences.” She added: “The renewal of this agreement means that our research activity – a fundamental issue for a leading institution like ESADE – will receive considerable support from Banc Sabadell, enabling us to have an impact on the management of organisations and to contribute to the growth of social welfare.”

Josep Oliu, President of Banc Sabadell, commented: “We chose to forge a connection with ESADE in order to pursue projects that create and disseminate knowledge and promote social debate in the fields of economics and finance. We are thoroughly pleased to breathe new life into this collaboration. The work performed by ESADE’s professionals has had a clear impact that is not merely intellectual or theoretical, but which also involves dissemination and practical applications for society as a whole.”

Support for talent

As one of the largest providers of study loans for ESADE’s programmes, Banc Sabadell has contributed immensely to helping students who wish to study in our classrooms. ESADE also enjoys the support of the Banc Sabadell Foundation in promoting various scholarships that tear down economic barriers by providing opportunities to talented students.