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Share all sorts of experiences with your classmates

At ESADE, there are also plenty of ways to kick back and have fun. Solidarity initiatives, associations, jam sessions, all sorts of sporting events, travel, seminars, international gatherings, parties and more... At ESADE, there’s more to life than just school: you and your classmates will enjoy a broad range of experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

If you want, you can even organise these sorts of experiences yourself: just join one of our associations or propose an initiative to your professors or classmates. Besides enriching your experience at ESADE, these experiences will also enhance your CV: companies and law firms love proactive candidates who have been involved in various groups and organisations during their university years. 

Highlights of the year

ESADE’s social and recreational calendar is filled with activities organised by the university’s numerous student associations. We would like to highlight a few such events that take place every year, rain or shine. Save the dates: you could be there next year!