Your professional profile

Become an international expert with added value

With a Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order you can launch yourself into the professional job market with a multidisciplinary training in global governance and a strong added value: you will have received a rigorous training in international relations, politics, law, and global economics; you will speak several languages; and you will have the added advantage of your specialisation in a geographical area of the world.

  • Graduate

    in Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order.

  • Multidisciplinary profile

    Global Governance + geopolitics + international law + international economics

  • Expert

    in Global Politics or Global Economics, depending on the track you choose

  • Specialisation

    in Asia, Maghreb-Middle East, Latin America, or USA-UK-Canada-Australia

  • Languages

    English + French or German + Arabic or Mandarin

  • International experience

    thanks to the semester abroad and various optional international experiences study abroad, summer programmes

  • Professional experience

    supported by the agency, organisation, or company where you acquired your work experience

  • Contacts

    lecturers, colleagues here and abroad, and the ESADE Alumni student network

  • Experience of a solidarity project

    if you carry out solidarity work experience with the SUD

Skills that show your difference

ESADE has pioneered its own teaching system that enhances the professional skills of its students. This system has been designed by ESADE human resource experts together with representatives of the main law firms and Richard Boyatzis (a professor at Case Western University (USA) and one of the leading exponents on leadership and skills development). 

Your skills

Resolutive: experience in decision making

Ease of communication and public speaking: you can effectively argue and present cases in public

Capacity for work and responsibility

Mediation, conflict management, and negotiating ability

Leadership skills and abilities for teamwork

Proactivity: you will know how to develop yourself, take the initiative, and start projects.