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Professional internships

Professional internships, here or abroad

In addition to the solidarity-based internships through the SUD programme, if you successfully pass all your subjects in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, you’ll be able to carry out professional internships in national and international law firms and companies as well as in Spanish embassies and consulates abroad and in international organisations.

These internships are non-curricular and can be either part or full-time from June to September.

Professional internship key points

  • You’ll learn first hand about day-to-day reality in law firms, courts, consulates, etc.

  • Hold a real job, with defined responsibilities and functions.

  • Put everything you’ve learnt in class into practice.

  • Acquire skills and competencies that only come with professional practice.

  • Add a valuable professional experience to your CV.

Data on students who did internship in the Bachelor in Law