Specialist Diploma

Boost your career with expert knowledge

The ESADE Bachelor in Law allows you to enter the job market with an additional specialisation: the Specialist Diploma is an optional qualification that will add value to your degree by providing expert knowledge in a highly relevant field of law. By specialising in new technologies, pharmaceuticals and food, or sports law, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself in the job market, where the demand for lawyers specialised in these areas is strong.

Specialist diploma: 20 ECTS credits

Structure: 6 subjects (18 ECTS credits) + Law Case Simulation (2 ECTS credits)

When: intensive January / 2 subjects per academic year

Tracks: Law 4.0 · Pharma and Food Law · Sports Law

3 specialisation tracks. Choose the right one for you:

Law 4.0

Prepare for the technological revolution

The Law 4.0 track will help you advance towards the future: throughout society, disruptive technologies are bursting onto the scene and revolutionising the way we work and interact.

> Artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionising our industries, homes and lifestyles, as well as the way we educate ourselves.

> Augmented or virtual reality and social media are transforming our leisure activities and social lives...

> Blockchain, 3D printers and biogenetics are transforming everything from business to medicine.

This technological revolution poses a host of new legal challenges, many of which have yet to come into view. This track will prepare you to offer expert advice on these new present and future realities.

Health Law

Specialise in two fundamental industries

With this track, you will become a legal expert in two of the industries with the highest levels of consumption and relevance in today’s society. Upon completion, you will have thorough and transversal knowledge of the fundamental legal issues in both areas, with an international perspective. Issues such as the production and safety of food and pharmaceuticals, food fraud and counterfeit medications, innovation, and genetic modification of plants and animals can only be understood from a global perspective that considers all of the multiple interests at stake.

Food Law topics
> Food and commerce law
> Food safety
> Food innovation
> Biotechnology and nanotechnology
> Nutrition and law
> Advertising and consumer protections
> Food systems (farm-to-fork)

Pharma Law topics
> Public health and the right to health protection
> Authorisation process for patented brand-name drugs, generic drugs and biologics
> Drug prices, financing systems and implications for competition
> Regulation of pharmaceutical innovation and pharmaceutical patents
> Manufacture, distribution and counterfeiting of medicines
> Advertising of medicines

Sports Law

Build your career in the world of sports

Sports teams, clubs, agents, intermediaries and elite athletes from all over the world require legal advisers specialised in sports law. This track will give you the necessary knowledge to develop a career in the sports world, either nationally and internationally, since the careers of professional athletes tend to cross borders and many competitions and tournaments are global in nature.

> Sports in the eyes of the law
> Legal entities in the sports world (clubs / federations / professional leagues)
> Sports sanctioning law
> Commercial exploitation of rights (audiovisual / image rights / sporting events / sports sponsorship and patronage)
> Labour law in sports
> Tax law in sports

Law Case Simulation

Put your knowledge into practice

The Specialist Diploma includes the resolution of a real-life case. The case will have to do with your chosen specialisation and you will have the chance to collaborate with experts in the field. To resolve the case, you will delve into the applicable jurisdiction, define your strategies and defend your arguments both orally and in writing.