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Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories · Inspiring students

At ESADE, there are as many success stories as there are students. Every year, a new class joins the more than 60,000 ESADE alumni currently pursuing their careers around the world and occupying positions of responsibility at companies and law firms of all sorts. For some of them, success means combining their entrepreneurial spirit with their legal training. For others, it means fulfilling their desire to give back to society by using the law to defend human rights all over the world.

Here you can learn more about their stories and draw inspiration from them: they are examples of the career opportunities that ESADE’s Bachelor in Law can open up to you.

Antonio Rodríguez

An online platform that brings the law closer to citizens

Antonio Rodríguez is the creator of a pioneering project: Moving Minds, a digital platform that helps ordinary people gain a better understanding of the law. Its approach is simple: the law affects everything around us, and basic legal knowledge can be useful in the everyday lives of thousands of people and organisations. Members of the Moving Minds team have given talks, classes and lectures all over Spain and will soon be taking their content abroad.



David Figueras
Legal documents just a click away

David wanted to help build a fairer society, so he created an online platform that anyone can use to access legal documents of all sorts. This project allowed him to combine his legal training with his entrepreneurial nature. As David’s example clearly shows, studying law at ESADE opens up numerous professional opportunities beyond simply working for a law firm.



Arnau Baulenas
Lawyer at the Human Rights Institute at José Simeón Cañas Central American University

Arnau was motivated to study law by a desire to create a fairer world and to defend the causes that he believed in. This motivation – which he had carried with him all his life – ultimately prompted him to abandon a promising career at a prestigious Barcelona law firm in order to defend human rights in El Salvador. He now works as a lawyer and researcher at the Human Rights Institute at José Simeón Cañas Central American University (IDHUCA), an institution dedicated to spreading justice and human rights in El Salvador, where both issues face an uphill battle. As Arnau says, you might not change the world just by studying law, but a law degree can help you to build a better world.

What about you? Where will the Bachelor in Law take you?

Take inspiration from these alumni, and remember: with ESADE, if you want to, you can.