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At ESADE, there are as many success stories as there are students. Every year, a new class joins the more than 60,000 ESADE alumni currently pursuing their careers around the world and occupying positions of responsibility at companies and law firms of all sorts. For some of them, success means creating a tech startup in Silicon Valley. For others, it means becoming an executive at an investment fund or at a major automotive manufacturer. And for others, it means renewing the world of e-commerce through proposals that promote innovation in the market.

Here you can learn more about their stories and draw inspiration from them: they are examples of the career opportunities that ESADE’s Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor in Law Double Degree can open up to you.

Business administration area

Man Hei Lou and Alessandro Calcagno

Creators of the startup Silon Bay

Online fashion outlet for men

Man and Alessandro had an idea: after seeing that the luxury e-commerce market was geared towards women, they decided to focus on men. A few months after graduating, they created an e-commerce site that now sells clothing and accessories from leading brands in 10 countries of the European Union. Their next goal? To conquer the American, Russian and Asian markets as well.


Andrés Cester, Marc Olmedillo and Sergi Bastardas
Creators of THE COLVIN CO
Online flower business

At just 24 years of age, Andrés, Marc and Sergi set out to revolutionise the online flower business through the website of THE COLVIN CO. They had a clear business idea: flowers bought online should not wilt so quickly, and people should rediscover the magic of buying and sending flowers. Therefore, they decided to use only local suppliers and sell only freshly cut flowers (traditional flower shops sell flowers cut about 15 days earlier, from faraway places like Kenya and Colombia). The result? A company that’s growing by 60% a week and has executives from Amazon, Google and Sitka Capital among its roster of investors.


Ariadna Masó
Associate Director of Barings

After completing the Bachelor of Business Administration at ESADE, Ariadna decided to focus her career on the investment world. At age 28, fuelled by her desire to build a better world, Ariadna was included in “30 Under 30”, Forbes magazine’s list of the 30 most influential young people. Her achievement? Closing investment deals worth $200 million in growth companies across Europe. Ariadna says that ESADE provided the tools and skills she needed to overcome the challenges she has faced. Today, she is an associate director at the Barings investment fund.


María Alegre
Co-founder and CEO of ChartBoost

While studying at ESADE, María spent a semester abroad in Michigan (USA), where she discovered the American “Go for it!” philosophy. This fit right in with her desire to start a business, so she travelled to Silicon Valley to learn more and created a startup called ChartBoost. Today, she has a team of 150 people working at the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley and its offices in Amsterdam, Japan and Barcelona. ChartBoost now reaches a billion gamers each month.

Law area

Antonio Rodríguez

Creator of Moving Minds

An online platform that brings the law closer to citizens

Antonio Rodríguez is the creator of a pioneering project: Moving Minds, a digital platform that helps ordinary people gain a better understanding of the law. Its approach is simple: the law affects everything around us, and basic legal knowledge can be useful in the everyday lives of thousands of people and organisations. Members of the Moving Minds team have given talks, classes and lectures all over Spain and will soon be taking their content abroad.


David Figueras
Creator of
Legal documents just a click away

David wanted to help build a fairer society, so he created an online platform that anyone can use to access legal documents of all sorts. This project allowed him to combine his legal training with his entrepreneurial nature. As David’s example clearly shows, studying law at ESADE opens up numerous professional opportunities beyond simply working for a law firm.


Arnau Baulenas
Lawyer at the Human Rights Institute at José Simeón Cañas Central American University

Arnau was motivated to study law by a desire to create a fairer world and to defend the causes that he believed in. This motivation – which he had carried with him for his entire life – ultimately prompted him to abandon a promising career at a prestigious Barcelona law firm in order to defend human rights in El Salvador. He now works as a lawyer and researcher at the Human Rights Institute at José Simeón Cañas Central American University (IDHUCA), an institution dedicated to spreading justice and human rights in El Salvador, where both issues face an uphill battle. As Arnau says, you might not change the world just by studying law, but a law degree can help you to build a better world.

What about you? Where will the Double Degree take you?

Take inspiration from these alumni, and remember: with ESADE, if you want to, you can.