Exchange programme

The experience of living and studying abroad


In the fifth year of the programme, you’ll be able to give your education a significant international push. If you like, you can study up to one year abroad:


1 optional semester abroad
at one of the world’s 54 best law schools

1 compulsory semester
completing your specialisation in a given geographic area of the world at a university there.

54 internationally prestigious law schools within reach

You’ll be able to study two semesters abroad (exchange programme and specialisation) at two different universities in the same area, getting to know the region in depth or at two universities in completely different areas of the world, expanding your familiarity with and knowledge of two different areas of the globe. You decide.



United States


Latin America



Middle East

Exchange programme benefits

Academically and professionally

Study at an internationally prestigious university.

Learn about other training models and ways of interpreting Law and Global Governance.

Consolidate your mastery of the foreign languages studied through the bachelor’s degree.

Exchange programmes abroad are highly valued by companies during selection processes and open the doors to an international career.


Enjoy student life and the cultural activities at the university and city you choose.

Establish bonds and friendships with students and faculty from other countries.

Leave behind your family, friends and university to begin from scratch at another university, with the opportunity for personal growth this implies.

"The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies represents an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in one of the planet’s most interesting countries. The programme is ideal to be able to understand how, what some call, the world’s soon-to-be top economy functions. You’ll also be able to take part in trips where you’ll witness all of its cultural wealth first-hand".  

Ramon Domènech

Bachelor in Law programme - 2014

"From the outset I knew that my internship in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem wasn't a very common destination but that it would be worthwhile. While there, I was able to get to know the entire country, meet people from different countries and live side by side with people with different religions and cultures all in one place. I recommend Jerusalem to anyone who wants a different and completely unique experience."

Sara Dols

Bachelor in Law - 2014

"I did my exchange programme at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. I recommend it to everyone who wants to feel fulfilled: there is no greater satisfaction than being able to see yourself survive on your own. It’s a unique experience to learn and practice languages, grow as a person in a multicultural setting, open new doors, discover different points of view and, especially, get to know yourself."

Miriam Bechini

Grado en Derecho