Professional internships

Professional internships, here or abroad

In addition to the solidarity-based internships through the SUD programme, during the 4th year you’ll be able to carry out professional internships during semester in international organizations and in Spanish embassies and consulates abroad. ¿What about being an intern at the UN Office in New York City or in Nairobi, Kenya? ¿And working for the NATO in Brussels? This is within your reach with the Bachelor in Law + Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order.

Internship by geographic region

Spanish embassies and consulates where ESADE students have carried out internships

Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco (USA) | UN Office in New York City (1st term) (USA) | Spanish Embassy in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) | Permanent Delegation of Spain to UNESCO in Paris (France) | Spanish Embassy in London (UK) | Spanish Embassy in Tokyo (Japan) | Spanish Embassy in Canberra (Australia) | Spanish Embassy in Rome (Italy) | Consulate General of Spain in Miami (USA) | Consulate General of Spain in Boston (USA) | Spanish Embassy in Dakar (Senegal) | Spanish Embassy in Dublin (Ireland) | UN Office in New York City (2nd term) (USA) | Consulate General of Spain in La Habana (Cuba) | Spanish Embassy in Praia (Cape Verde) | Consulate General of Spain in São Paulo (Brazil) | Consulate General of Spain in London (July-October) (UK) | Spanish Embassy in Luanda (Angola) | Consulate General of Spain in Chicago (USA) | Spanish Embassy in Singapore (Singapore) | Consulate General of Spain in Rome (Italy) | Spanish Embassy in Seoul (South Korea) | Spanish Embassy in Pretoria (South Africa)

Some UN organisations where you can carry out your internship

International Court of Justice, The Hague (The Netherlands)

United Nations Offices in New York, Geneva, Nairobi or Vienna

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva (Switzerland)

International Trade Centre, Geneva (Switzerland)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva (Switzerland) and other offices

UN Women, New York (USA)

World Food Programme, Rome (Italy)

United Nations Volunteers, Bonn (Germany)                                 

World Trade Organisation, Geneva (Switzerland)

World Health Organisation, Geneva (Switzerland) and other offices

World Bank, Washington DC (USA) and regional offices

International Monetary Fund, Washington DC (USA)


Professional internship key points

  • You’ll learn first-hand about day-to-day reality in an international organisation.

  • Hold a real job, with defined responsibilities and functions.

  • Put everything you’ve learnt in class into practice.

  • Acquire skills and competencies that only come with professional practice.

  • Add a valuable professional experience to your CV.