High added value in your professional work

With the Bachelor in Law + Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order, you’ll kick off your international career with an additional specialisation in Global Politics or Global Economics. This expert knowledge will enable you to provide high added value in your approach to international affairs:

  • If you choose the Global Economics track, you’ll acquire the knowledge and tools you need to carry out an in-depth economic analysis of a specific case or the countries involved in it.

  • If you choose the Global Politics track, you’ll learn to approach cases by combining your expertise in international conflict management with your knowledge of public and private organisations and the interaction of political and economic forces.

Multiply your professional opportunities

With this specialisation, you’ll gain access to new professional opportunities. In addition to the usual career paths in law and international governance, you’ll be able to pursue opportunities in political science or economics:

Global Economics career paths

> Expert economic analyst

> Consultant on international projects

> Investment banking adviser

> Research centres and economic analysis

> Multinational corporations

> Organisations that regulate economic activity (European Union, International Monetary Fund, etc.).

Global Politics career paths

> Consultant on international political affairs

> Political science research centres

> Adviser to political analysis organisations and European Union institutions

> Multinational organisations