Graduates’ profiles

Upon completing the degree, this will be your profile

On graduation you’ll have one of the most versatile and highly skilled professional profiles. Thanks to your multidisciplinary profile – rigorous training in law, geopolitics and international economics, plus a specialisation in Global Politics or Global Economics and expertise in a particular geographical region – you will be able to pursue an international career as a lawyer and/or expert in global governance. And to round out your profile, you’ll have a mastery of multiple languages, experience living abroad, and additional abilities such as leadership and communication skills.

  • Official Double Degree

    Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order

  • Multidisciplinary Profile

     Law + Geopolitics + International Economics

  • Specialisation in a geographical area

     Asia-Maghreb-Middle East, Latin America or USA-UK-Canada-Australia

  • Foreign languages

    English + mastery of legal English + French, German, Arabic or Mandarin

  • Background in Transnational Law

    and other legal systems: Common Law, Asian and Islamic legal systems, etc.

  • With international experience

    if you complete your internship and exchange programme abroad

  • With professional experience

     recognised by the organization, institution or legal firm where you have completed your internship

  • Volunteer Work Experience

    If you do an international solidarity project internship with the SUD.

  • With skills and competencies

    that make the difference in job recruitment processes

Skills to make you stand out in the professional community

ESADE has its own pedagogical model and it is a pioneer in developing professional competencies. Human Resource experts at ESADE along with representatives from key law firms in addition to Richard Boyatzis, a professor at Case Western University (USA) and one of the world’s leading experts on leadership and competency development, are all responsible for designing this system.

Your skills

Decisive: Experience in decision-making

Communication and public-speaking: Easily and effectively able to present your arguments and present cases in public

Hard work: Capable of dedicating yourself to your tasks and assuming responsibilities

Negotiation, mediation and conflict management skills

Leadership and teamwork skills

Proactive: You know how to interact, take the initiative and launch projects

Competency model

You’ll work on 30 competencies organised into four key blocks:

Cognitive competencies

Critically acquire, understand and structure knowledge

Apply knowledge to achieve results

Make decisions and give opinions in complex situations

Interpret and communicate information and/or knowledge

Master strategic and systemic thought

Plan and manage the use of time

Intellectual curiosity

Creativity and innovation

Constant ability to learn

Personal competencies

Focus on quality and achievements

Autonomy, independence, initiative and proactivity

Adaptability and flexibility

Tenacity, perseverance and resolve

Self-awareness and self-regulation


Relational/social competencies


Comprehension of the organisational context within organisations

Ability to build networks

Appreciation for/comprehension of diversity

Helpful and providing service to others

Ability to influence others

Teamwork and collaboration

Mediation and conflict management

Acquisition of values and ethical principles

Social commitment: At ESADE we educate professionals with values, people who ensure that their organisations and law firms assume their social responsibilities

Executive competencies


Ability to help others to learn and develop themselves

Team management

Ability to initiate and manage change

An understanding of the context’s complexity and its local and global dimensions