Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order


Double Degree: Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order*


You will obtain an official ESADE Degree in Law plus a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order , which will accredit your training in Geo-politics, Economics, and International Relations.


Choose a Track: Global Economics or Global Politics


In the second year you must choose the track that will decide the orientation of your degree: you can choose either political science or economics.


Training in Geo-politics + The International Economy


You will gain a deep knowledge of the economic, political and legal rules that operate at the world level. This will allow you to understand the decisions taken by international bodies such as the G20, the IMF, and grasp the nature of global economic transactions.


Specialisation in a given world region
ESADE Exclusive


You can choose between Asia, North Africa, The Middle East, Latin America, or the following group of four countries: The United Kingdom; The United States; Canada; Australia. Specialising in one of these will allow you to provide expert advice to worldwide companies and organisations operating in the area covered by your specialisation. ESADE is the only university in Spain to offer this opportunity.




The programme is taught in Spanish and English, which is gradually introduced. In addition, you will master Legal English and learn French or German, or if you choose Asia as your area of specialisation, Mandarin.


Exchange programme and international preparation


You will be trained in other legal systems and in International Law, and take a semester at one of the best 46 Law Schools in the world. You can also take an optional semester in the geographical area of your specialisation and participate in summer programmes in intensive courses abroad.


Direct links with legal firms, organisations and institutions


Working lawyers give classes based on real cases. In addition, you will forge links with Law Firms and national and international organisations through ESADE Careers and take professional internships in Spain or abroad.


Learning by doing


Solve practical cases, carry out court case simulations and visit the Law School’s Courtroom, you can take part in international moot courts and simulated United Nations sessions.


Training in skills and competencies

Throughout the degree programme, you will improve skills such as oratory, negotiating skills, leadership, solving disputes, all of which are vital for operating in a global context.


Access to Master in Law + Specialisation Master


If you wish to work as a lawyer after finishing your Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order, ESADE Law School can help you pass the Bar Association entrance exam by taking the ESADE Master Degree in Law + Specialisation Master, with which you can also specialise in International Business Law, Tax Consultancy and Management, Mercantile Public Law or Labour and Human Resources Law.



Official degree*:
Graduate in Law + Graduate in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order from Ramon Llull University.

Length: 5 years
Number of credits: 240 + 180 ECTS
Number of places: 90

Language of instruction: Spanish and English (bilingual)
Language learning: French, German or Mandarin Chinese, Arabic or Portuguese.

Professional experiences: Professional internships and other contacts in the business world and international organisations.

Career opportunities: Lawyer; diplomat; advisor to international organisations such as the UN, the ILO and UNESCO; or analyst at a foreign-trade consortium, law firm, consulting firm or research centre. Competitive civil-service examinations.

Tuition fees for 2019-2020: €19,200. This price does not include the cost of the summer programmes.

Scholarship: ESADE offers a wide range of scholarships.

Financing: Under an agreement with ESADE, Banc Sabadell offers loans at 0% interest.

Location: Barcelona-Pedralbes campus

Intensive modules at foreign universities (optional): two or three weeks each summer, starting the first year.
• First year: Boston College Law School and Cardozo School of Law (New York)
• Second year: Penn Law (Penssylvania)
• Third year: Management University of Singapore (Singapore) and Columbia Law School (New York)
• Fourth year: International solidarity-based Internship

Specialisation: Six tracks to choose from in the fifth year. A student’s specialisation track determines his or her study-abroad destination.
• Asia
• Maghreb and the Middle East
• Latin America
• United Kingdom, United States and Australia

Study abroad: One study-abroad year in the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania depending on the student’s specialisation track.

Admission requirements: Applicants must be in the second year of non-compulsory secondary education (any option) and have a good level of English.

Admission process: Application for admission + documentation + academic transcript for the past four years + admissions examination + interview (optional) + eligibility for university entrance.

Admission period: October to June (before completion of the second year of non-compulsory secondary education).

*This programme is pending approval by AQU and may change.