Double degree in Business Administration and Law

Here’s your chance to stand out in the labour market. With the Double Degree in Business Administration and Law, in just five years you’ll have earned two official degrees and developed a multifaceted, differentiated professional profile. Your mastery of both business and law will enable you to provide law-oriented solutions to business problems, on the one hand, and apply your business knowledge to the handling of legal matters, on the other. This differentiated profile will be further strengthened by language training, a semester abroad, professional internships and training in the various skills and competencies covered by the double degree.


Two degrees in five and a half years


Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor in Law


Comprehensive training


Innovative methodology: case studies, mock trials, training in executive skills and competencies, etc.

Training in skills and competencies.

• Access to international double degrees (available nowhere else in Spain).

Unique university experience: outdoor activities, forums, associations, multicultural environment.




• Proficiency in legal and business English.

• Bilingual programme (Spanish/English): gradual integration.

Language learning: legal and business English + French, German or Mandarin Chinese.


International experience


Summer programmes in London and the United States:

Summer of 2nd year: Center for Transnational Legal Studies (London), led by Georgetown University.

Summer of 4th year: Possibility of studying some subjects from the academic year at Georgetown University (Washington D.C.)

Semester abroad during the 5th year at one of the world’s top business or law schools.


Experiential learning: Learning by doing


You’ll solve case studies, create and manage companies with your classmates, make decisions, participate in business games and mock trials, and get involved in solidarity initiatives.


Links to the professional world


Professional internships included in the curriculum.

Twice as many possible career paths: double degree, double the opportunities.

• The Career Services team will help you secure a privileged position in the professional marketplace.

Professionals from major companies teach practical classes based on real-life cases.



Official degree: Graduate in Law + Graduate in Business Administration-BBA from Ramon Llull University.

Double degrees: CEMS, Double Degree, Themis or CTLS

Duration: 5.5 years

Number of credits: 389

Number of places: 65

Teaching languages: bilingual Spanish and English.

Language learning: English and French or German

Professional internships: one semester in any country in the world

Exchange programme: one semester in America, Asia, Europe or Oceania

Admission requirements: prospective students must be in the last year of high school, taking any of the options except Humanities and Arts. Their level of English must be good and they must finish the high school with good marks

Admission process: application form + documentation + academic record for the last 4 years + admission test + interview (optional) + passing university access exams in June.

Admission period: before completion of the last year of high school, from October to May

Fees for the year 2019-2020: €19,200

Grants: ESADE awards a wide range of grants.

Study loans: ESADE has signed an agreement with Banc Sabadell to offer an interest-free loan.