Bachelor in Law


Two degrees


Official Bachelor in Law (issued by Ramon Llull University)

Expert Degree (issued by ESADE)


Comprehensive training


Solid legal training: specialisation in public or private law.

Complete curriculum: law + economic/business vision + legal skills.

Innovative methodology: case studies, mock trials, public-speaking competitions, etc.

Unique university experience: outdoor activities, forums, associations, multicultural environment.

Access to international double degrees. 




• Gradual shift from Spanish to English.

• Proficiency in legal English.

• The chance to learn two languages: English + French or German.  


International experience


• Training in other legal systems and in transnational law.

• Semester abroad at one of the top 46 universities in the world.

• International Programme in Transnational Law at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (London).


Contact with the professional world


91% of our students find work before passing the law practice examination.

Multiple career opportunities.

• ESADE graduates secure public administration posts in record time.

• The average entry-level salary of ESADE graduates is €28,000.



Official degree: from Ramon Llull University

Double degrees: Joint Certificate in International and Business Law awarded by the Themis network, and time spent studying at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London

Duration: 4 years

Number of credits: 240 ECTS + 20 ECTS Expert Degree

Number of places: 40

Teaching languages: Spanish section. 37% os the subjects are taught in English and students have the option of studying the 1st semester of the 4th year entirely in English. Global Legal Skills diploma taught 90% in English.

Language learning: English and French or German.

Professional internships: Practicum in the 4th year.

Location: Barcelona-Pedralbes Campus

Exchange programme: in the 1st semester of the 4th year in America, Asia, Europe or the Middle East

Admission requirements: prospective students must either be in the last year of high school taking any of the options + passing university access exams in June.

Admission process: application form + documentation + academic record for the last 4 years + admission test + interview (optional) + passing university access exams in June

Admission period: before completion of the last year of high school, between October and May

Fee for the 2019-2020: €16,600

Grants: ESADE awards a wide range of grants.

Study loans: ESADE has signed an agreement with Banc Sabadell to offer an interest-free loan.