A typical day at ESADE

Arnau Baulenas
20 years old
Vic, Barcelona

4th year - Bachelor in Law

8.00  Start the Procedural Law II class

9.30  Break until the next class

10.00  Start the Employment Law I class

11.00  Break until the next class

12.30  Start the English III class

14.30  End of classes and lunch time

16.30  Study two hours a day and it's the time devoted to team work

19.00  Tuesdays, thursdays, fridays and weekends he coaches a basketball team

20.00  He's secretary of a foundation. He has two meetings a month
A typical day at ESADE

Arnau Baulenas, an alumnus from the Undergraduate in Law programme, explains what a typical day in his life was like at ESADE.