International Summer Programme

ESADE’s International Summer Programme represents a true cultural, social and, of course, academic discovery. With this programme you will have the opportunity to learn and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, all through a dynamic and innovative learning system.

The International Summer Programme is addressed to undergraduate students and and recent graduate students of any discipline and nationality

Two periods:

Period 1: From June 3rd to June 28th, 2019

Period 2: From July 1st to July 26th 2019

Possibility to assist 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.


The aim of this programme is to help participants to:
Expand their international experience and develop a more global mindset.
Complement university studies with courses on contemporary subjects in a top Business School.
Discover cultural richness and Cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelona.
Improve their competences in Spanish or communication.
Be in touch with entrepreneurs and social leaders from Europe and Latin America.
Visit successful international companies and get an insider’s perspective.
Experience ESADE and be part of its learning community.


CORE TRACKS: Choice of option A, B, C or D: 5 ECTS or 3 US credits
A. International Business

1. International Finance

2. International Marketing


B. Entrepreneurship & Innovation

1. Global Entrepreneurship

2. Social Entrepreneurship


C. Business Law

1. European Union Law

2. Law and Economics


D. Critical Thinking

1. Media: Shaping our Perceptions

2. Principles for a Life Philosophy


ELECTIVE TRACKS: Choice of option E, F, G, H, I, J or K: 5 ECTS or 3 US credits
E. Understanding Geopolitics

1. International Relations and Global Governance

2. Euro Zone, European Union and Economic Crisis

F. Spanish Language and Culture

1. Spanish Language Module

2. Spain: History, Art & Culture



ESADE is a Cervantes Institute-accredited institution:

The only International accreditation for centers teaching Spanish as a foreign language to provide:

• International recognition
• Promotion of academic programs across an international network
• Feedback on center activity
• Commitment to quality and continuous improvement

This accreditation guarantees, among others, the following key aspects:

• Qualified teachers
• A curriculum that ensures adequate progress in learning Spanish
• A methodology adapted to student needs
• Regularly evaluation of courses and programs
• An effective process of student guidance and evaluation
• The promotion of student participation in the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera / Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language) examination within the center (ESADE is an examination center)
• An efficient student feedback process

G. Barcelona Innovation Industries

1. Sports Management

2. Fashion Management

H. Effective Interpersonal Communication

1. Rhetoric for Persuasion and Public Speaking

2. Negotiation, Communication and Conflict Management


I. Digital World

1. Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation

2. Digital Marketing

J. Innovation & Methodology

1. Design Thinking

2. Project Management

K. English for Business Communication


The four week programme includes a variety of activities: 3 cultural activities and 3 company visits and meetings with corporate and social leaders.

International Summer Programme
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