Business world and ESADE


Companies and organisations are ESADE's raison d'être. The institution was originally founded by enterprising professionals and, at present, executives and entrepreneurs form part of its governing body. As a result, it is the organisations and, specifically, the people who make them up, to whom our mission is aimed.

From ESADE to the company

In 1958, when very few people believed in the need for management development, a group of Barcelona entrepreneurs and professionals founded an academic centre for research and training in the field of business. This was the beginning of ESADE Business School, which, since its inception, has managed to create and maintain a high value-added link between business and academia; ensuring that organisations and companies improve their management policies, are more competitive and, at the same time, socially responsible.

Today, ESADE offers companies an advanced learning model and effective solutions to their growing training needs; rigorous research in the pursuit of innovation, and a meeting place for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, experiences and reflections. A tangible expression of this is the new campus at Sant Cugat and ESADECREAPOLIS.

From the company to ESADE

Businesses and organisations are a vital source of information. ESADE reflects on and directs its training and research activities with the collaboration and advice of its Board of Trustees, professional boards and the International Advisory Board.

The Fundación ESADE Board of Trustees is a key organ in the institution, besides being its principal organ of government. Its support is embodied in various forms, ranging from support in the relationship with civil society and the business sector, to economic contribution and collaboration in research projects.

The professional boards of the Business and Law Schools along with the International Advisory Board, made up of leading organisations, convey their needs and ideas to ESADE in order to ensure that the School's syllabuses are permanently updated.