ESADE's faculty is the key to its success. As renowned experts in their respective fields, our faculty members are in close contact with the legal and business world. With solid professional experience and intense activity in research and consulting, ESADE professors take a global approach toward shaping today's and tomorrow's management practices and toward training today's leaders and the leaders of the future.

ESADE faculty come from a wide range of backgrounds and are eager to share their knowledge and experience with the business and academic communities and, in particular, with the participants in ESADE programmes. They seek innovative means of creating and transmitting knowledge, and possess an extraordinary ability to effectively analyse and communicate complex issues. They use a variety of approaches and methods to comprehensively respond to corporate needs, and to help participants develop their full potential as leading managers or jurists.

ESADE faculty are known for being approachable and for being committed to furthering the educational and personal development of the participants in the School's many programmes. As advocates of a broad-based education, they help students develop their personal and managerial skills, promoting awareness of the impact that executives' values and actions have on society at large.

ESADE's 125-member faculty represents over a dozen nationalities. It is organised into various academic departments corresponding to two main areas: Management and Law. More than 250 external lecturers and academic collaborators in addition to over 50 visiting lecturers, mostly from overseas, actively participate in ESADE programmes.

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If you would like to receive more information regarding ESADE faculty, please contact the following:

Cristina Giménez
Vice-Dean of Faculty

Ruth Hermoso
Faculty Manager